Payment and return policy

Payment Method

There are the following methods for customers to choose from:

Shipping Policy:

Shipping time: Monday to Friday (excluding national holidays). Orders completed before 12:00 every day will be shipped in about 5-7 days!


The general packaging is that each uniform is put into a transparent plastic bag. If the customer has to deliver the goods (the delivery fee is about HKD150-250, depending on the location, the customer can contact Hai Lung to inform about the delivery arrangement and check the delivery fee).

Shipping to overseas:

Hai Lung can provide the relevant customs documents and arrange for the goods to be shipped directly from our office. Or ship to the shipping company designated by the customer for delivery. The freight, warehousing fee, insurance, customs declaration fee, import tax in the receiving area, etc., need to be paid by the customer.

Refund Policy:

After receiving the product, if the product does not meet your needs, you can enjoy the right to return it within the 7-day free appreciation period (including regular holidays).

The appreciation period is not a trial period, please keep the original package when returning

All product pages provide size charts and try-on reports. If you have any questions, please contact online customer service before ordering.





一般的包裝是每件制服入透明膠袋。如客人必須送貨(送貨費用約在HKD150-250之間,視乎地點而定,客人可聯絡Hai Lung通知有關送貨安排和查詢送貨費用)。


Hai Lung可以提供有關的報關文件及安排貨品直接由我們的辦事處送出。或運往客戶指定的船務公司再行寄出。而當中的運費、入倉費、保險、報關費、收件地區的入口稅等費用,則需要由客戶自行支付。