The story of the soul


Leo Wong describes himself as an open-minded and adventurous individual. He always follows his passion, pursuing his different interests since he was young. The numerous accomplishments in his business life include being a entrepreneur. Yet all these pursuits play second when compared to his first passion as a fashion designer. He strongly believes that everyone will encounter numerous opportunities and interests in life, and it is important to explore one’s true potential to the fullest in order to find out what one truly enjoys the most. It was evident to Leo Wong that among all the pursuits, nothing could compare to the enjoyment and contentment he obtained from fashion design.

Grew up and lived in Macau, he also found the place ideal for his personal and career development in fashion design. “Macau is undoubtedly a historic city mixing oriental and western culture. I have been travelling to different places but there is no place that resonates with my enthusiasm as much as Macau.” The city plays a critical role in leading to Leo ’s success in the field of fashion design. He finds the character and culture of the city unique, which often provided inspirations for his work.

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